Industrial, Commercial CMS Control System Installation and Training Guidline


Central Monitoring Services (CMS) is a total security package integrated by ADVANCE FS. It is different compared with those conventional security companies that leave entire security system to operate and manipulate by the user, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to monitor your premises and provide rapid response to emergency incident.

 Benefits of CMS package includes:-

  • Round-the-clock monitoring services from Control Centre.
  • Control Centre Officer will notify the authorized person of the company and contact the local police or fire in real time once an alert is received.
  • Response Officer will be dispatched to the premises upon all triggered alarm.
  • Inclusive service and maintenance of equipment will be conducted regularly.
  • A peace of mind as users are not required to respond on any triggered alarm after office hours.
  • Indemnity insurance coverage.

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Central Monitoring System

Main Features Centralized Video monitoring of Unlimited cameras spread across multiple branches and cities Local recording at branch with High